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Vesper Tools is around 9+ months behind in production and out of stock of many tools.  4" and 7" try squares are in stock and not much else I'm afraid.  Check individual pages for stock status it is mostly correct.  This problem has been building up for a few years now and is not immediately improving as I absorb all my available time and energy on moving my entire workshop to new premises over July/August 2016.  Once this is complete it will be all hands on deck to get through the backlog.  I'm taking on an apprentice to help ease the backlog and my workload problem long term.  Please continue to place orders for your desired tools and I will ship as soon as humanly possible even if it is later this year. 
Chris Vesper.  July 2016. 

Superb quality and design in user friendly traditional woodworking hand tools

Sliding bevel, try square, double square, joinery knife, marking knife, awl, Cohen knife, cutting gauge.  Also Glen Drake Tite-Marks and accessories, vernier rulers with scale stoppers, Mitutoyo rulers and vernier calipers, Spoon carving hook knives, chip carving knives, and more!  All the basic measuring and marking hand tools you need for woodworking of the highest quality.

Finest woodworking tools for ALL woodworkers.

"I design, manufacture and sell the best woodworking hand tools available anywhere. As a hobby woodworker myself I know quality workmanship can be executed with ease and for the joy of it if you have the right tools.  Then its up to you for the patience and practice to build the skills and zen of a satisfying hobby or trade."
Chris Vesper, Toolmaker.



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