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150mm blade for Double Square4" Brass Try Square

Double Square
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Double Square

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Out of stock!
Metric and Inch version has just gone out of stock, apologies.
Please continue to order, it will be processed and shipped most likely June/July after I move workshop and can make more tools.
Chris Vesper. April 2016.

This latest release has an anti rotation mechanism to prevent the center pin from getting turned out of place while you change blades. This makes them extremely easy to use when changing blades.

They come with two blades, 75mm or 3" long. One is 14mm wide for regular use and the narrow one is 4mm wide for getting into tight spots. A spring loaded locking pin and a convenient precision 45 bevel on one end of the stock also feature.

All the square parts even have all sharp edges removed by hand. This makes them feel like perfection right out of the box.

It has far too many practical uses to list, the photos here will give the imagination a kickstart - general purpose square, checking mortices for depth and square at the same time, checking inside dovetail joints for square either in the pins or tails, and more...

We believe they will be the handiest item in your workshop. That's what the people say.

One important feature is the ENDS of the blades are actually ground square too. A very handy feature to test two faces at once in a half blind dovetail for instance.




Vesper Tools has been manufacturing these squares in house in Melbourne Australia since 2003 after Brisbane woodworker Robert Howard first encouraged Chris Vesper to consider making them due to their usefulness in joinery work and many other aspects of woodworking.

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